A professional profiling tool to help you find

the right hospitality people

Profiling technology plays an important part in talent management in every industry.  But now there’s new profiling platform designed exclusively for the hospitality sector.  Now you can benchmark your candidates against hundreds of other successful hospitality professionals, helping you to find, retain and promote the right people.

Hospitality People Factor is a cloud based profiling platform which has been built from the ground up with the hospitality industry in mind.  The platform measures the balance of each professional’s personality traits (or attitudes) which are regarded by psychologists as significant – providing candidates, hospitality decision makers and HR professionals with a reliable guide based on a psychological approach.

The platform has been developed based on clear industry need and a solid scientific foundation.  The psychological factors being measured zero in on the attributes and traits which hospitality leaders seek most often when hiring key people.  The testing matrix has been carefully designed by qualified psychologists and validated via a process of testing, monitoring and system improvements.

When candidates complete a profile assessment, their results will be benchmarked against thousands of hospitality professionals, meaning that this profiling platform is best placed to help you hire, retain and promote the very best people for your organisation.

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