Hospitality People Factor focusses on what’s important for the hospitality industry. We know that both you and your candidates are short of time.  But we also understand the importance of getting your talent decisions right.  So we help you by ensuring you have the right information to hand to make an informed decision, every time.

Matrix onlyClients can request profiles for one candidate – or thousands.  Each candidate is given a link and completes their assessment anonymously online.  This takes between 25 and 40 minutes.  The Hospitality People Factor platform then generates a report, or series of reports, depending on your requirements.

Candidate’s assessment data can be benchmarked against hundreds or thousands of industry professionals, a specific cohort (based on geography, employment type, role – in fact any demographics), company-wide norms or even a specific set of high-performing industry leaders.  Reports benchmarking against others from the industry are aggregated and anonymised.

ScattergramHospitality People Factor norm data is constantly being updated, and the team is working on a development roadmap which will increase the number and scope of reports available during the course of this year.

For further information, please contact the team.